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Innovation is the main pillar of the IT industry

Those who don’t believe it, better do because without innovation there would be no technological advancements and the market wouldn’t look as good as it does today. Of course, there is the problem of companies repeating themselves and copying ideas to stay relevant, but once in a while, there is someone that comes up with something so brilliant everyone has no choice but to follow. Today we look into three companies that with their innovative minds changed the IT industry and the world for that matter.

Apple approach

No list that talks about innovation in the IT industry would be complete without mentioning the iPhone, iPad and the AppStore and their impact on the whole IT market. The iPhone itself has particularly reinvented the way we live our lives today and it’s all due to the fact that before Steve Jobs put more focus on software in cell-phones and what the phones can do, “the cell” was all about its small size and the hardware which made it easy to type. Since then, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones, making it the most successful product in retail history. Moreover, once iPhone came out, all companies followed and low and behold, we now live in the era of smartphones that are sometimes more useful than a desktop.

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Google domination

Google is a company that needs no description or definition. What would the world be without this not-so-fascinating search engine turned the most popular website with many services such as AdWords, Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Maps and many more driving not one, but many markets worldwide.

Twitter as a social media guru

Social media and social networking have been around from almost the beginning of the Internet itself. However, it was Twitter that surely impacted this area the most. With nothing but 140-character-or-less broadcasts from users about what they’re doing or thinking at any given moment, Twitter is impacting many areas of our everyday lives and serves as means to communicate with the world for free. It has to be by far one of the hottest properties on the Web and it is used for so much more than just open messages sent by individuals to their friends and family. Twitter is a place where marketers can reach customers and political candidates can reach voters. Even Facebook with its huge following can’t top that innovation!