Is a furniture shop a good business idea?

A furniture shop can be a part of the chain and sell similar furniture sets as other stores in the country and around the world, or be managed by a company that creates their own, unique products, tailored to the individual needs of the customer. The choice of the strategy determines the development of individual businesses related to running furniture shops.  Continue reading Is a furniture shop a good business idea?


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How to choose a good office chair

Working in an office environment, whether it’s at home or in an actual office, can be strenuous to the entire body. After working for 8 hours a day at the desk, you will definitely feel it in your back, your spine, your neck and shoulders. Maintaining a proper posture is necessary if you want to feel good long-term and don’t feel the need to visit a chiropractor every couple of weeks. How to sit at the desk properly? Does an ergonomic office chair actually make a big difference and how can you choose the right one?

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Orientation of the company implementing the requirements of the standard to the client and fulfillment of his requirements, thus obtaining his satisfaction. In today’s very competitive market, it’s hard to imagine a company that bypasses this aspect, but through a company’s certificate they want to show that this customer focus has been verified and evaluated by someone else, and the certificate proves that the assessment was positive. Get acquainted with the Ins2Outs offer, a company is specialized in a quality management system.

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What’s Really Required for a Small Company to Get ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is an important part of any company that wants to employ a quality management system and provide their clients and business partners with the best product possible. ISO 9001 has played a big part in the change of focus that happened over the last few years – more and more companies are now eager to get certified and prove that they actually do everything to provide highest quality possible in all their processes, which include production as well as documentation and general business approach. However, there’s a common misconception that those ISO 9001 rules are made for the big organisations only. What’s really required for a small company to get ISO 9001 certification and actually implement the norm?

The engagement of senior management

Previously, implementing ISO 9001 in a company was associated with having to deploy a separate group of people to take care of the process and ensure that everything went smoothly and was sustainable. However, ISO 9001 only now introduced the importance of senior management realising how important it is for them to actually meet the standards suggested by the norm and how internal and external challenges could affect the overall ability to meet the expectations of those who matter the most. This goes both to the clients and various parties of the production chain – if a company doesn’t want to comply to the standard, sooner or later they will begin to start losing their market position due to lack of proof for the quality they claim to have.

The ISO 9001 norm requires focusing on process management and investigating risks that are involved in them, which will then need to be reduced by implementing measures that will ensure effectiveness of all operations and keeping the quality at a solid level. This can do good not only from the consumer standpoint, but most of all for the company – integrating the management system with regular quality checks and complying to certain standards means better profits and company image.

Getting certified

Companies, regardless of their size and area of work need to comply to all the rules of ISO 9001 that are applicable to their processes in order to get certified. However, they don’t need to change anything drastically – the main idea of ISO is to implement the rules within the already existing quality management system and improving the overall performance of the company and all processes by carefully managing the risks and improving the methods of work.


The reliability of our system is based largely on our deep thoughtful and proven solutions, which are currently used by a large group of our satisfied customers who are located all over the world. We use only the best, world-renowned suppliers and production technology ensuring the highest and proven quality of the product, while maintaining relatively low costs. We love our work, which is certainly visible in our product.

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Dick Whittington Design & Build

The traditional organization of work, where the architect, consultant and contractor work separately turns out to be ineffective and leads to a waste of time and money. We focus on teamwork and try to look at the problem as a whole so that we can do our work effectively. We are fully responsible for the renovation in your house and we do it from the beginning until the end. Trust our experienced company. We’ll give your home a new one!

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