How to rent a car?

Do I need to carry my own Insurance?

Car rentals can provide liability coverage up to £1,000,000.00 on all rentals for about 15 pounds per day. Rentals of vehicles worth £25,000 or more, the renter must carry their own collision and comprehensive insurance. Some credit cards cover this exposure but most do not cover more expensive vehicles, 15-passenger vans, and sport utility vehicles.  In most cases rentals can provide collision and comprehensive for UK non-residents.

Do car rental ever discount their rates?

If they still have availability on a certain vehicle 24 hours in advance of pickup they may be able to offer a discount.

Do their vehicles have GPS navigation devices?

Some of vehicles are equipped with these devices.  For those that are not they can offer a portable device for an extra charge.

Do rhey offer ski racks, baby seats, VCR and DVD players?

Yes, please inquire regarding pricing.

What is typical cancellation policy?

We request that you cancel your reservation 72 hours in advance or you are subject to charge for one day of your rental or £100, whichever is greater.

Do car rentals have other cars than those mentioned on their websites?

In our effort to keep an exciting and fresh fleet of vehicles rentas add and remove cars continuously and update websites as these changes happen.  If you are interested in a specific vehicle that’s not listed rentals may have plans to add it shortly.  Feel free to email to know more infos.

What are the additional charges?

Sales tax – approximately 8% – is based on the tax of the county where the vehicle is rented.  Fuel – You have the option to pre-purchase a full tank of gas at competitive prices and return the car empty or to refill the tank yourself. If you choose to refill the tank yourself and don’t bring it back full rentals charge you a per gallon refueling fee.

Can I have additional drivers on my rental contract?

As long as they meet the normal rental requirements there is no additional charge.  A under-age fee applies to drivers between 21 and 25 years old.  A domestic partner or spouse is automatically authorized to drive the vehicle as long they are are properly licensed.  Anyone else would need to physically come to one of rental offices and be added to the contract.


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Rentals have a limited availability of specific models.  The sooner you can make a reservation the sooner they can confirm a specific model and guarantee a specific price.

How are the rentals priced?

A rental day is 24 hours.  The vehicle is due back at the same time that it was picked up.  Rentals do offer a 59 minute grace period before further charges accrue.

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