Laboratory glassware

chemical tubes

Lab glassware is one of the most fundamental equipment found in every laboratory across the globe. It’s actually hard to imagine any science lab functioning without things such as bottles, bubblers and pippetes. Although chemists and physicists today use high quality plastic equipment in some of their projects, glassware is a staple that cannot be replaced. What are the most common types of lab glassware and what are they used for?

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Sublime Lighting


Sublime Lighting is a place where you can purchase any light you need - whether it is meant for your bedroom, kitchen, living room or office.

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Paragona is a professional medical recruitment organization that helps to find work and develop a career for thousands of people across the Europe.

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How to rent a car?


Do I need to carry my own Insurance? Car rentals can provide liability coverage up to £1,000,000.00 on all rentals for about 15 pounds per day. Rentals of vehicles worth…

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