How many people coming from abroad to work as a doctor in Scandinavia?

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare issued an report that says the number of doctors employed in Sweden has been growing significantly over the past several years.

This report is counting both Swedish and non-Swedish citizens working in the medical profession and it seems that even though the numbers are rising, there is still the need to employ more doctors. Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are all looking for foreigners to fill the empty spots and to help improve the already well-prospering healthcare system. But how many people are actually coming to work as doctors in Scandinavia? Where do they come from?

What does Scandinavia has to offer for those willing to take the position?

Almost one third of Scandinavian doctors are not actually from Scandinavia

A total of 27 percent of all doctors in Sweden today were educated in countries outside Scandinavia. This is actually a huge amount of people, which means that the system has many gaps and some improvements are necessary.  The situation is no different in Norway or Denmark.

It may be worrying to Scandinavians that such a huge percentage of their doctors are not their fellow countrymen, but for all the people from the outside it’s actually a good opportunity.

Doctors from all over the world welcome to join the Scandinavian healthcare system

Right now, most of the doctors that are not Scandinavian citizens come from the Easter parts of Europe. Poles, Slovakians, and Czechs. It’s all because of the money that doctors in Scandinavia get paid – it’s often twice as much as those people would get in their home countries! Money is not the only reason foreigners are willing to work as doctors in Scandinavia – the work conditions are much better there so the decision to move is not that unreasonable. If you are willing to change the location of your current job, visit Paragona – the platform for those who are seeking vacancies in Scandinavia.

The benefit of being a foreigner

Foreign doctors are as valuable as those born and educated in Scandinavia. Doctors qualified in medicine in one of the EU countries have the right to work anywhere in the EU premises, which means that their job isn’t any worse than that provided by Scandinavian citizens.

Since Scandinavians are willing to give jobs to foreign doctors and the doctors are willing to work in Scandinavia, the trend has no chances of stopping and it’s all for the best for everyone.

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